StarLog – my favorite character

Scott also asked, “Who is your favorite Star Trek character?” Feel free to discuss any character from the franchise. Why is this character your favorite? Is it someone you personally connect with? Is it someone who played a particularly powerful role in the franchise? How is this character grounded in the social or political time of his or her creation? 

So hard to choose. The though and competent Jadzia Dax. The, well, also though and competent Janeway. Garak, Weyoun, Kai Winn, Q or Quark. Because villians make the most interesting characters. Data – for the childlike wonder. And the detached logic and rationality that also makes me love Tuvok, T’Pol and Spock. The same things that make me love Seven of Nine and the EMH. Or the true heroes of Starfleet, the ones left with the repairs and clean up after the glamourus adventures of the rest of the crew: Scottie, Geordi, O’Brien, Belanna, Tucker and Stamets.

The personal connection should be to Stamets. I am an engineer. He is an engineer. He is also gay, as am I. But that does not make him my favorite character. Starfleet Corps of Engineers are the true heroes of Star Trek, and I will die on that hill. But I abhor the idea that my favorite character of Star Trek should be determined by how well they match my personal identity.

I am not certain. But if pressed, right now, I would probably say Weyoun. The cold, evil, arrogant, detached and cynical Weyoun. I hope I dont have too much in common with him. And I am at a loss to describe how he, or the Vortas as a race, is grounded in any social or political issues at the time of their creation. He is (one of) the interesting character(s) of DS9. Villians tend to be. And the performance of Jeffrey Combs is an amazing actor. Anyway. The potential societal issues would be drugs and genetic engineering. The philosophical questions arising from the “fact” that Vortas appear to be genetically engineered to worship the Founders are interesting, not least as a counterpoint to the treatment of Bajoran religion, that is quite different from the way religion normally is treated in Star Trek.