Other CV related stuff


  • Danish

  • English: americans think I’m british. Brits know I’m not.

  • German: Fair reading comprehension, especially technical texts. Understand spoken german - if “Hochdeutsch” is spoken slowly. Speaks it well enough to order at restaurants.

  • French: I can read and understand chemical literature in french. I do not dare order at restaurants.


In the traditional understanding of that word, I am a superuser of Microsoft Office.

I teach programming in R and have basic knowledge of Python.

Daily user of Linux, know regular expressions and SQL. Run my own webserver.


Born June 20th 1974, married to Kristian, living i Rødovre.

Interests include politics and societal matters in general, molecular gastronomy, digital electronics, the history of science, shooting, swimming, Star Trek in particular and science fiction in general.